Why do you need a LungBoost Respiratory Trainer?
If you can breathe, please be grateful for healthy lungs to keep you going. One key to keep healthy lungs is to have strong respiratory muscles. LungBoost Respiratory Trainer- revolutionized the Spirometer that uses a technique commonly known as exercise against resistance. Resistance training increases lung muscles strength by making your muscles work against a weight or force. If you do resistance training repeatedly and consistently, your lung muscles become stronger.
ChoiceMMed LungBoost Respiratory Trainer Features
ChoiceMMed Respiratory Trainer strengthens your respiratory muscles with adjustable load training to help you breathe easier, feel better and improve athletic performance and daily life quality.
  • Meeting the Demands for Clinical Services and In-home Assistance
  • Accuracy and Precision on All Users
  • Performance in Favorable in Various Environments
  • Small Stylish, Durable, Easy to Use
  • Energy-saving Design Provides a Secure and Reliable Aid
  • An Affordable Cost
Who need a ChoiceMMed LungBoost Respiratory Trainer?
LungBoost Respiratory Trainer is intended to provide a solution for anyone who wishes to improve the strength and endurance of his or her respiratory muscles. This solution is suitable for professional athletes, recreational athletes, healthy individuals and individuals with medical conditions.
Sports Enthusiast & Athletes
All kinds of sports, especially swimming, running, ball games
Lecturer & Teacher
Lecturer, teacher, presenter, trainer, announcer
People With Sedentary Lifestyle
Workers or students who sit for long time
Performing Artists
Singer, performer, musician, dancer
Uniformed Workers
Fireman, policeman, soldier, pilot
People With Medical Conditions
Chronic diseases rehabilitation training, especially for lung disease
Healthy Individuals
Anyone who wants to have strong lung muscles
ChoiceMMed LungBoost V.S similar products
Brand Lungboost Powerbreathe Powerlung
Product lines for variety of uesers and areas of activities
Inhale Muscles Training
Exhale Muscles Training
Time Set
Endurance Training Mode
Strength Training Mode
Real Time Display
Training Record Memory
Training Level 30 Adjustable Inhale 3 / Exhale 6
Rest reminder (to prevent muscle fatigue)
Score for your every inhale and exhale
Auto Power-off
Any Questions? Download the LungBoost Respiratory Trainer  Manuals    FAQ     Product Comparison Chart

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