Products & Quality
Our company has five series of products
  • Pulse oximeter for daily healthcare, medical monitoring and early warning.
  • LungBoost respiratory trainer for recovering and improving respiratory cycle and sports performance.
  • iChoice series product for keeping heath by tracking, analyzing, managing and sharing fitness data.
  • Blood pressure monitor for daily healthcare, medical measuring and early warning.
  • Electronic pulse stimulator for relieve stress, tiredness and muscle aches.

Our quality system certification according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards, and the manufacture of our product in compliance with the regulatory stands of the sector (IEC 60601), the development of our products upon accurate preliminary testing represent an additional guarantee of quality and reliability of our products.

Vision & Mission
  • To make better medical and healthcare solutions more accessible to the public.
  • To invest in new technology and new products customer needs.
  • To provide excellent products to the healthcare and retail market.
  • Creating and spreading new healthcare concept and service.
  • Improving healthcare by providing better, more-easily-used and affordable products.
  • Pursuing the raising of the standard of care in medical and household fields.

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